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Board of Education

Board of Education

Gaylord Community Schools



Elected/Appointed Term Expires
Jeff Wieber, President 2006 12/31/2026
Sara Gapinski, Vice President 2021 12/31/2024
Katie Drzewiecki, Secretary 2018 12/31/2026
James Vanderveer, Treasurer 2019 12/31/2024
Jeff Gorno, Trustee 2015 12/31/2024
Rachel Davis, Trustee 2022 12/31/2026
Kari Visser-Robel, Trustee 2022 12/31/2026
James Cracraft, Superintendent    


Board Committees 

Sara Gapinski, Rachel Davis, Jeff Wieber

James Vanderveer, Jeff Gorno, Katie Drzewiecki

Transportation/Building & Grounds
Katie Drzewiecki, Kari Visser-Robel, James Vanderveer



To contact the Board of Education, please call (989) 705-3009 or send an email


Board Meeting Information

The Board of Education meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00PM. Meetings are held at the Board of Education Building, 615 South Elm Avenue. Any person with a disability who needs accommodation for participation in this meeting should contact the Superintendent's Secretary at (989) 705-3009 in advance of the meeting to request assistance. 


Board Members