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InDesign – Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility

The following video walks you through how to structure your InDesign files with Accessibility in mind.


Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility Video

InDesign – Tips and Techniques (from video)

  1. Avoid using multiple frames for a story, use one text frame with multiple columns and/or rows
  2. Use Anchor Object for pictures or images embedded with the text frame
  3. Create and use Paragraph styles for all text so that these can be mapped to H1-H6 and P tags
    1. View Menu -> Structure -> Show Structure
    2. View Menu -> Structure -> Show Tag markers
    3. View Menu -> Structure -> Show Tagged Frames
    4. Windows -> Utilities -> Tags
    5. To Add Tags – from Structure Menu -> select “Add Untagged Items”
    6. You can view the tags in the Structure pane by expanding the Root the tag
    7. You may want to enable Show Text Snippets in the Structure pane
  4. Tags need to be mapped to Acrobat Accessibility Tags

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