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School Closing Information

Northern Michigan residents are familiar with extreme weather conditions. Winter storms put transportation concerns in the forefront. It is important for parents and students to be aware of the procedures that should be followed in the event of hazardous road conditions.


The Gaylord Community Schools use "SendIt" as a phone notification system to alert parents and staff of pending school closures and closure due to inclement weather conditions.  If you are not receiving phone notifications, please contact your child's school to update your contact information.

In addition, school cancellation or delay announcements will be made on the following radio stations: 93.5 101.5, 103.5, 107.5, and television stations: Channels 7&4, 29&8, 9&10.

Please DO NOT telephone the transportation department office lines to request cancellation or delay information, as these lines need to be kept free for emergencies.

Please be sure that student enrollment forms are completely filled out with instructions as to where your child is to go on days when school is closed early due to weather. REMEMBER: If you move or change your home, work or cell phone numbers, you must contact your child's school(s) AND the transportation department so we have current and accurate contact information.


**Any community member wishing to receive alerts when school is closed due to inclement weather conditions, you can sign up by using the link below.

Click Here       Opt-In Code: 3080