Food Services

Is good nutrition important for good learning? In a word, YES!  Because nutrition affects a child's ability to learn, kids need to eat healthy to do well in school. The Gaylord Community Schools' cafeterias provide well-balanced, nutritious and healthy meals every day for our children.

Meal Prices




High School $3.35 $1.50
Middle School $2.95 $1.50
North Ohio, South Maple, GIS $2.70 $1.50
Reduced Prices $0.40 $0.30


*Milk at all schools is $0.50.
**Breakfast is available at each school daily




GHS Meal Times


Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m. Door Opens---7:40 a.m. Door Closes

First Lunch

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 10:56 a.m. --- 11:31 a.m.

First Lunch

Tuesday & Thursday 10:41 a.m. --- 11:16 a.m.

Second Lunch

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 11:59 a.m. --- 12:34 p.m.

Second Lunch

Tuesday & Thursday 11:39 a.m. --- 12:14 p.m.

Free & Reduced Meals

You may apply for free/reduced meals by completing a printable free/reduced lunch application or apply online. You can  apply and/or reapply at any time during the school year.  If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, you are automatically qualified for free or reduced breakfast too.  If your income or household size changes during the year, you may reapply again at that time.  If your child brings a cold lunch to school and is eligible for free/reduced price meals, they must pay $.40 for milk.  If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Matelski at (989)705-3040.

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PDF DocumentPayForIt Introduction
PDF DocumentPayForIt Flyer & Instructions

Food Service Menus

PDF DocumentHigh School Breakfast Menu- 2019-2020
PDF DocumentHigh School Lunch Menu- 2019-2020
PDF DocumentHigh School Diner Menu- September 2019
PDF DocumentK-8 Breakfast Menu- September 2019
PDF DocumentK-5 Lunch Menu- September 2019
PDF Document6th Grade Lunch Menu- September 2019
PDF Document7-8 Lunch Menu- September 2019
PDF DocumentPreschool Lunch Menu- September 2019
PDF DocumentPreschool Snack Menu- September 2019
PDF DocumentLatchkey Snack Menu- September 2019


Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility

Free or Reduced rates are available for qualifying families. Determining your eligibility is fast, easy and confidential and you can reapply at anytime during the school year if your family's circumstances change for any reason.

Families that qualify for free or reduced meals are eligible to receive a hot and nutritious breakfast, lunch, or both every day.

Please call the Child Nutrition Office at 989-705-3040 with any questions.

External LinkFree/Reduced Online Application (LunchApp)
PDF DocumentFree & Reduced Meal Application Instructions 2019-20
PDF DocumentFree & Reduced Meal Application 2019-20
PDF DocumentFree & Reduced Meal FAQ's 2019-20

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services Mission and New Guidelines

PDF DocumentFinal Rule Nutrition Standards
PDF DocumentSmart Snacks in School - USDA Standards
PDF DocumentNutrition Services & New Guidelines 2012

Healthy Snacks

Gaylord Community Schools Food Service Department will have healthy snacks available for purchase for classroom activities.
PDF DocumentHealthy Snacks

Wellness Policy

PDF DocumentWellness Policy

Nutrition Nuggets Newsletter

PDF DocumentSeptember 2018