GHS Staff Directory

Gaylord High School

90 Livingston Blvd.
Gaylord, MI 49735
Phone: 989-731-0969
Fax: 989-731-2585


Name Position Phone
Hodges, Christopher Principal 989-731-0969
Stefanski, Mike Assistant Principal 989-731-0969 x1206
Wilson, Christian Assistant Principal 989-731-0969 x1205
Hartmann, Diane Secretary 989-731-0969 x1202
Jaroneski, Debbie Secretary 989-731-0969 x1201
Wilson, Christian Athletic Director 989-731-0969 x1205
Kassuba, Jill Athletic Secretary 989-731-0969 x1203


Name Position Phone
Becker, Renee Secretary 989-731-0969 x1213
Eckstein, Terri Counselor 989-731-0969 x1209
Hervela, Jeff Counselor 989-731-0969 x1210
Somerville, Kristy Counselor 989-731-0969 x1211

Media Center

Name Position Phone
Menkes, Karen Media Technician 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Smith, Lori Teacher 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Hunt, Meadow Teacher 989-731-0969

Career Technical Education

Name Position Phone
Florian, Sheryl Teacher 989-731-0969

Automotive Technology

Name Position Phone
Holloway, Rory Teacher 989-731-0969

Culinary Arts

Name Position Phone
Korff, Laura Teacher 989-731-0969

Industrial Technology

Name Position Phone
Romel, Hannah Teacher 989-731-0969

English Language Arts

Name Position Phone
Caldwell, Nicole Teacher 989-731-0969
Holscher, Amy Teacher 989-731-0969
Jorgenson, James Teacher 989-731-0969
Purol, Laurie Teacher 989-731-0969
Yodzevicis, Shannon Teacher 989-731-0969
Zastrow, Angela Teacher 989-731-0969

Fine Arts

Name Position Phone
Hotelling, Aaron Band Teacher 989-731-0969
Reed, Justin Choir Teacher 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Campbell, Bonnie Teacher 989-731-0969

Health Sciences

Name Position Phone
Rokop, Jeff Teacher 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Becker, Doug Teacher 989-731-0969
Cavanaugh, Don Teacher 989-731-0969
Hopp, Jill Teacher 989-731-0969
Horsell, Jaclyn Teacher 989-731-0969
Lovelace, Zach Teacher 989-731-0969
Tithof, John Teacher 989-731-0969
Warren, Matthew Teacher 989-731-0969
Wilson, Brant Teacher 989-731-0969

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Parker, Kelli Teacher 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Dionne, Nate Teacher 989-731-0969
Kalember, Jeff Teacher 989-731-0969
Kindsvatter, Lori Teacher 989-731-0969
Parker, Kelli Teacher 989-731-0969
Porta, Mel Teacher 989-731-0969
Rinke, Michael Teacher 989-731-0969

Social Studies

Name Position Phone
Bigsby, Rick Teacher 989-731-0969
Brown, Kevin Teacher 989-731-0969
LaJoie, Jerry Teacher 989-731-0969
Mang, Kelly Teacher 989-731-0969
Potts, Bruce Teacher 989-731-0969
Smith, Lori Teacher 989-731-0969
Yodzevicis, Shannon Teacher 989-731-0969


Name Position Phone
Stark, Kelsey Teacher 989-731-0969

World Languages

Name Position Phone
Hotelling, Laura Teacher 989-731-0969
Kalember, Stephanie Teacher 989-731-0969

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Broden, Shelly Teacher 989-731-0969
Sloniker, Sarah Teacher 989-731-0969

Special Education Services

Name Position Phone
Cheek, Jennifer Teacher 989-731-0969
Kargela, Kimberly Teacher 989-731-0969
Lazda, Aija Teacher 989-731-0969
Sargent, Shawn Teacher 989-731-0969
Stoffer, Daniel Teacher 989-731-0969

Student Support Specialist

Name Position Phone
Holmes, Brent Teacher 989-731-0969


Mr. Chris Hodges, Principal

Chris Hodges is the Principal of Gaylord High School.  Mr. Hodges started working for Gaylord Community Schools in 2008 as the Vocal Music Instructor at the middle school and high school.  Before coming to Gaylord, Mr. Hodges taught choir at Central High School in Pageland, South Carolina.  Mr. Hodges holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Albion College (Cum Laude) and a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting from Central Michigan University.  Mr. Hodges attended Roscommon schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade, and is happy to continue to work and live in Northern Michigan. When not at school, Mr. Hodges enjoys spending time with his wife Aleece, and their daughter Cecilia.

Chris Hodges, Principal
Gaylord High School

Mr. Mike Stefanski, Assistant Principal

Mr. Stefanski is an assistant principal of Gaylord High School. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies and Political Science from the University of Michigan-Flint and a Masters degree in k-12 Educational Leadership from Michigan State University. He taught middle school and high school social studies for 8 years, is currently in his 15th year of administration and has coached football at many levels for over 25 years. 

A native of Clarkston, Mr. Stefanski is married to Kari Jo and they have six sons. When not at school, Mr. Stefanski enjoys playing golf and spending time with the family. "I am excited and honored to be part of Gaylord Community Schools. Go Blue Devils!"

Mike Stefanski, Principal
Gaylord High School
989 731 0969

Mr. Christian Wilson, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Mr. Christian Wilson is one of two Assistant Principals at GHS. He holds two bachelor’s degrees in Physical Education and Health Education from Northern Michigan University, and a master’s degree in Athletic Administration from Western Michigan University. He has taught PE and Health in Auburndale, Wisconsin, and coached college basketball for Michigan Tech and Western Michigan. Prior to his tenure at Gaylord, Mr. Wilson was the Athletic Director at Mount Gilead High School in Mount Gilead, OH. Upon moving to Gaylord in 2002, Mr. Wilson accepted the position of Athletic Director at Gaylord High School, and in 2006, he became Assistant Principal.

A native of Chassell, Michigan, Mr. Wilson is the proud father of two current GHS students, Mitchell and Matthew. When he’s not taking care of administrative duties at GHS, he enjoys racquetball, golf, participating in men’s league hockey, and watching his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

Christian Wilson, Asst. Principal
Gaylord High School
989 731 0969