Physical Education


The Gaylord High School Physical Education department focuses on requiring students to stay active and be involved in team activities. Regular physical activity improves students academically and physically. Students are required to graduate with 1.5 credits in physical education. This helps us ensure an active, positive, healthy student population.

Physical Education

Grade 9-10           1/2 credit

Students will understand that sport, fitness and leisure activities provide opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction. Students will participate in a variety of activities including physical fitness, strength training and team sports. This class is a prerequisite for other physical education classes, and required for graduation.

Physical Training

Grades 10-12           1/2 credit

Physical Training is an individualized program designed to improve and maintain physical condition. Activities include weight training, yoga, aerobics, plyometrics, jumping rope, running, walking and flexibility exercises. Students will work on specific muscle development and conditioning. Students will develop their own personal workouts for their lifetime physical fitness programs. Individual fitness goals will be established.

Advanced Physical Training

Grades 10-12           1/2 credit

This is a personal fitness course designed for the student who is serious about improving and/or maintaining his/her muscular strength and endurance for a specific sport or personal benefit. The course content will emphasize weight training and intense conditioning. Each student may have an individualized program directed toward a sport or personal fitness goal. Sport specific conditioning drills will be demonstrated as part of this course. Student must have a recommendation from a previous Physical Education teacher and Guidance Counselor to take this course. Athletes will be expected to lift on game days.

Advanced Physical Education

Grades 10-12           1/2 credit

Students will participate in team sports and individual leisure time activities. Activities will be used to improve skills and understand rules and regulations. Students may also participate in strength training, conditioning and aerobic activities.