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FOIA Information

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), MCL 15.231-15.246, provides for public access to certain public records, permits the charging of prescribed fees and deposits, and provides remedies and penalties for non-compliance. A person has a right to inspect, copy, or receive copies of certain requested public records. Some public records are permitted or required not to be disclosed. The School District is a public body that must comply with the FOIA. The School District has established the following Policy and Request Form. A complete copy of the FOIA is available on the Michigan Legislature’s website at


How to Submit a FOIA Request

FOIA Request Form should be completed and submitted to the GCS FOIA Coordinator

FOIA requests can be sent via US Mail:
FOIA Coordinator
Gaylord Community Schools
615 South Elm Avenue
Gaylord, MI 49735


FOIA requests can be sent via email.


FOIA requests can be sent via fax:
Attn: FOIA Coordinator


FOIA Fee Itemization Form

FOIA Procedures and Guidelines



Article VIII Community Relations

In accordance with Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), MCL §15.231, et seq., the District will make public records, as defined in FOIA, available for inspection or copying. Executive Assistant to the Superintendent is designated as the District’s FOIA Coordinator. The Coordinator may designate another individual to act on his or her behalf when the Coordinator is unable to do so. The Superintendent will issue procedures and guidelines necessary to implement the Act, including a schedule of costs to be charged in responding to FOIA requests, and shall publish those procedures and guidelines as required by FOIA.